The team behind
Stable Valet is a unique group
of highly creative individuals, working together to support
our various passions
Meri Roberts - Head honcho and financial wizard
Martha Haas - Marketing guru and graphic designer.
Providing quality Easy to Assemble Kit™ products for today’s equestrian.

Our mission at Stable Valet, Inc is to provide quality, easy to assemble Stable and Tack Room accessory kits.  Thus, allowing the do- it- yourself experience regardless of skill level or workshop equipment.  The flat pack shipping design is beneficial to the retailer and consumer. Allowing for reduced shipping and handling charges for both parties.  The compact packaging design allows the retailer to carry typical special order products as “in stock” items for increased customer satisfaction.  All Stable Valet, Inc products are made in the U.S.A. using native lumber and local craftsmen.
Ask your local tack shop for availability